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Purple Moon

Amethyst & Moonstone

This Diffuser bracelet includes both Copper wood beads and Quality A grade Moonstone/Amethyst Gemstones.

Amethyst: Is known for healing properties, it relieves stress and strain, soothes mood swings, rids anger, rage, fear and anxiety, reduces sadness and grief. It opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities. 

Moonstone: Is the stone for a fresh start; it's a stone of inner growth, strength and love. Moonstone enhances intuition, success and fortune in love and business matters. It's also a great stone to have with you when travelling as it brings clarity and alleviates stress.

Lava Stone: A stone connected to grounding and nature. 

To find out more, check out our Gemstone Properties page.

We carefully design, test and ensure the quality of our bracelets; each made with Elastic that when cared for will prevents breakages. Each Bracelet is unique and homemade with quality materials. Therefore, a slight variation in colour, size and shape may occur on either the natural wood beads and gemstones.

Each Bracelet comes with Reiki Energy Healing and Sage for peace of mind

  • 7' (Average) for more sizing please refer to the sizing chart 
  • 8mm beads
  • Reiki and Sage Infused