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"I embrace being a woman"

Carnelian is a feminine stone, and it helps ground and anchor you. It's a stabilising stone and helps restore vitality and motivation. It's a stone for creativity and helping you embrace the woman you are through emotions and feelings; it enables you to release and move forward in life. It is accepting of your past challenges. Carnelian gives courage and helps you overcome all forms of abuse, protect you from envy, rage and resentment. 

It can improve the mother and child relationship and is supportive of new mothers, pregnancy and the fear of parenting. 

It's a strong stone of power and fertility.


To find out more, check out our Gemstone Properties page.

We carefully design, test and ensure the quality of our bracelets; each made with Elastic that when cared for will prevents breakages. Each Bracelet is unique and homemade with quality materials. Therefore, a slight variation in colour, size and shape may occur on either the natural wood beads and gemstones.

Each Bracelet comes with Reiki Energy Healing and Sage for peace of mind

  • 7' (Average) for more sizing, please let me know on checkout. 
  • 8mm beads
  • Reiki and Sage infused
  • Aroma Mae Pouch